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Ocean Waves, Volume 2

Bhau Kalchuri

Paperback 167 pages
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“I'm very happy to know that even those who have little interest in ghazals feel delighted to read Ocean Waves. It happens because my editors put their hearts in the Ocean to create momentum and that momentum causes the waves to start rolling. I am happy with this work and happy that is is creating waves in the hearts of Baba's lovers. They have started writing, “Oh Meher!” and His name is uttered so sweetly that it touches hearts everywhere.

“When I was writing them, I had no idea what would be the impact of these waves, but I realize now that the Beloved is molding His lovers in the pattern of that sweet music of the heart which has no pattern.

“I feel that eventually there will be the sweet singing of “Meher” in every nook and corner of the world.”

Bhau Kalchuri (from the back cover)

Published 1988