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Piling up Boxes

Ross Keating

Paperback 125 pages
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Ross Keating's second book of poetry is welcomed with open arms. According to fellow Baba poet and reviewer Steve Klein, “his simple language and vivid imagery convey emotional depth in a lively and humorous way.” He continues, “In poem after poem, I was struck by the way Ross, seemingly with ease, goes to the heart of some emotional truth and lays it bare in a way which might seem self evident but for the novelty of expression.”

Steve concludes his review by saying, “I thought this was a beguiling gem of a book, and urge others to get their hands on a copy and read it for themselves.” Below is a sample poem from the book, the first and it's namesake.

Piling up boxes

I place words
on a page
like a boy piles boxes
up against a fence

so I can climb up
to look over
and try to see
my Beloved
walking about
in His garden.

Published 2020