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Reading Stay with God

Ross Keating

Paperback 141 pages
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Reading Stay with God tells the story of four like-minded spiritual seekers in the seventies reading together on a weekly basis, Francis Brabazon's book-length poem, Stay with God. Instead of reading the work from cover to cover, they select various themes and issues that interest them and explore what Stay with God has to say on these topics. The atmosphere is casual but the discussion is serious. The stories are mainly dialogue and written in the refreshing style of a journal. Although the stories reflect the times in which they are set, the questions the four readers raise are perennial and the work, Stay with God, offers them much that is “food for the brain and a feast for the heart.”

What is wonderful is the way that Ross is able to bring Baba's Presence into the stories through his descriptions of the overarching splendour of a Poinciana tree, the way the readers respond and listen to each other, and by the obvious content of their discussion. Meher Baba told Bhau to “write in a simple and engaging way. Make it interesting. Make it instructive.” Reading Stay with God is a very readable attempt at this style of writing.

Published 2017