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Watertight Rosebud

An Inner Life with Meher Baba

Anne Elizabeth Giles

Paperback 335 pages
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Anne Giles did not meet Meher Baba in person, but her life was nourished by inner contact with Him. As you will read, she began life as a watertight rosebud, petals encased inside a protective shell, but Meher Baba’s presence in her life provided the insights and support to overcome her limitations. This memoir follows her life as she began to bloom.

Even though this book is about how Meher Baba opened her up to Him, it’s also a bit about the social history of those in that first generation after His passing. Baba’s Seclusion work that manifested from the end of September 1968 must have been weaving the cloth that drew us all together, we who recognized Him internally this time.

Published 2018