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Surrender with Meher Baba

Laurent Weichberger & Companions

Paperback 209 pages
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Surrender with Meher Baba reminds us that the spiritual path is unique to each individual. With his skillful inquiry, Laurent shows us how Meher Baba wades into the waters of surrender with full confidence that the spiritual aspirant, over time, will recognize both the difficulty and the inherent value in taking steps toward surrender.

In the first half of the book, basic questions, such as how, when, why, and who will embark on the process of surrender are explored by Laurent, with generous quotes from Meher Baba. Laurent explains his understanding of the path Baba has laid out for us. Laurent also invites us to consider what the obstacles to surrender are, how surrender must be an active rather than a passive process, and why surrender must be sincerely executed.

In part two of the book, Laurent's spiritual writing companions weigh in with their experience and understanding of surrender through personal stories and poetry. Other authors include Evie Lindemann, Daniel Stone, Alan Manoukian, Cyprus Weichberger, Sarah Weichberger, Thomas Wolfe, Daniel J. Stone, Dale Draeger, Cynthia Barrientos, Geoffrey Wight, Tracey Schmidt and Vanessa Weichberger.

Published 2020