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The Asian Road

How A Wandering Vagabond Discovered Himself

Mik Hamilton

Paperback 271 pages with black & white photos
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“The author and his new German wife packed their backpacks, and, with no money, on a beautiful summer day, set out on the road with no goal or purpose and with little knowledge of what lie ahead. Together they blazed a trail from Europe to India that a few years later would become known as The Hippie Trail.

Hitch-hiking from Frankfurt, through Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Rangoon, Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, Saigon, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, they led a life filled with meeting incredible people, experiencing strange cultures, humorous incidents, dangerous adventures, and desperate circumstances, aimlessly wandering on the road and in the streets of Europe and Asia until it all led back to that search for meaning, leading to a desperate climax in the deserts of Rajasthan.” (From the Backcover)

Mik and his wife Uschi, now Ursula Reinhart, met Meher Baba in 1966. Mik’s retelling of this story and all the stories that led him to Baba are so well told that many have been unable to put it down. His honest and unapologetic description of his and Uschi’s adventures give his story an authenticity and immediacy that keeps the reader engaged. As one reader stated, “It’s a simple story of a self medicating seeker of life’s experiences, to someone who found the ultimate experience… that of the relationship of a devotee and his beloved.”

Published 2021