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Young Love

Stories of Learning from Darwin, Kitty, Elizabeth, Jane and My Father

Owen Cooper, Jr.

Paperback 110 pages with 39 color and black & white photos
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During the mid-1990s on the Meher Spiritual Center refectory porch, as Owen Cooper was reminiscing about his experiences soon after Meher Baba dropped his body, a guest posed a challenge: “Baba’s close disciples are not here now. The magic you describe has passed. What about us? What about now”

Owen pondered these questions for years. This intimate account of his life with Darwin Shaw, Kitty Davy, Elizabeth Patterson, and Jane Haynes is his response. He includes the story of his father, a prominent Christian, who came to the aid of the Meher Spiritual Center in a time peril.

Young Love is richly illustrated with 39 photographs. They include previously unavailable images of Darwin, Kitty, Elizabeth and delightful portraits of Happy Club children from the Ralph Jackson Collection.

All profits are donated to Following Francis, a non-religious service organization offering free programs and activities to help people on the margins of life join the mainstream.

Published 2021