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The Best of Bob & Jane Brown

Bob & Jane Brown

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At Last! The CD we've all been waiting for!

A compilation of the best songs recorded by Bob and Jane Brown from the years 1973-1991. And a never-released song as well! Their voices blend like honey and butter. They are accompanied by Raphael Rudd on harp, Jeff Seitz on drums (Jeff was the stand in for Stuart Copland of The Police). Julie Kohl-Skiff on violin (former violinist in the National Symphony) and many, many other great musicians and singers.

Included in this fabulous compilation is the Gujarati Arti, Victory Unto Thee, I'm Yours, Meher Baba's Love, and an old classic Once I Turned My Eyes to the Sky. Baba's presence is strong and sweet and this CD will bring back many wonderful memories. The production and sound quality are clear, crisp and professional. The delightful cover design was done by Jon Meyer.

Produced 2008