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The Song of Huma, 1 & 2

Meher Baba

2 CD set
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Many of you will remember these two fabulous cassettes of songs Meher Baba wrote and sung by the women mandali, created by Elaine Cox in the 1980s. Now available on CD, they are composed of ghazals written by Meher Baba in the early 1920's using the pen-name of “Huma”, the Persian word for the phoenix bird.

This collection of Beloved Baba's own words in the form of songs and ghazals is offered for the enrichment of our hearts. They are sung by Mani Irani, Baba's sister, Katie Irani (a life-long disciple and sister of Baba's Dr. Goher), Rhoda Mistry, a life-long devotee, Roshan Kerawala, Tanveer Alam Sajeeeb and Elaine Cox as they were sung in the earlier days before Baba.