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The Circle of Life and Death

A Spiritual Guide for Living and Dying Well

Lawrence Karrasch with Rita Karrasch

Paperback 184 pages
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“Imagine planning a trip to a foreign country. The first thing you would do is consult a guidebook, describing the geography, climate, places to stay, the culture and language of the inhabitants. A well-structured guide is the key to having the most rewarding and enjoyable journey. How well you plan for this journey would determine how successful and memorable your adventure would be. If there were any cautions, you would want to know them ahead of time, to avoid unforeseen surprises…So why would it be any different in planning your own life and death experiences?” From the introduction

Larry and Rita Karrasch share the results of decades of inquiry regarding life after death from the world's great spiritual masters and teachers. These include Meher Baba, Inayat Khan, Annie Besant, Manly P. Hall, Kahil Gibran, Ivy Duce, Edgar Cayce and many more. Delve into the fascinating world of the after-life with this comprehensive and practical guidebook.

Published 2008