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The New Life: Stories from Mani and Eruch

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Mani & Eruch

DVD 65 minutes
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Meher Baba set out on the New Life on October 16, 1949 with twenty of His disciples, including His sister, Mani Irani, and Eruch Jessawala. Join Mani and Eruch together in Mandali Hall as they share some of their very special stories from this time of “helplessness and hopelessness.”

Mani talks about the Song of the New Life, how she perceived this time with Baba as “fullness amongst nothingness,” and how so many of the people the group encountered would give selflessly without knowing explicitly whom they were serving with their gifts.

Eruch tells the story of their stay near Benares including how Meher Baba had him take the idea of bhisksha (alms of food and other items but no money) to new levels with their host. Filmed at Meherazad in 1986.