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The Secret of the Manifestation

Kenneth Lux

Booklet 16 pages
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The booklet starts with two significant recognitions. One is the critical and essential fact that Meher Baba is the Avatar of the Age, and the second is that He said repeatedly that He would break His silence “soon” and that would be the signal for His pubic Manifestation, but this never happened.

In explaining this conundrum or paradox, this booklet arrives at what the author believes, after many years of dealing with this matter of the Manifestation, is “The Secret.” It is found in a concept that appears in Baba's dictations in a number of places, but it has hardly ever been noticed or discussed in the Baba community. When we understand the concept, and read about it in the booklet, we can see that it may contain the key. In the booklet it is explained why Baba never made this explicit. The author also states that despite all the theories about the manifestation, we won't definitely know until it happens.

Published 2016