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The Seven Secrets of Life

Rick M. Chapman

Paperback 142 pages
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The Seven Secrets of Life is a primer on the nature of life and how it really works—what lies behind the billions of human lives, the countless trillions of other creatures on earth, the innumerable objects in Creation? How does Consciousness develop into you and me? What are the stages of the Spiritual Path that result in the eventual Enlightenment of the very, very few who, at any one time, attain that state? And what is the real meaning of the phenomenon of the “Avatar”—the periodic appearance of God on earth as God-Man?

This small book will take you on a Cosmic Carousel Ride that does not promise to put the Brass Ring in your hand but will definitely show you where it is to be found. This book is meant to be like that little springboard that precedes the real action on the vault in gymnastics—it should give you just enough momentum to do one complete revolution in the air and come down a new person, aware of the mechanics and rules of The Game of Life and ready to dig into a deeper explanation of what to do with your own precious chance to play The Game this time.

Topics covered include: Consciousness, Impressions, Evolution of the Soul, Death & Reincarnation, The Law of Karma, The Spiritual Path & The Goal of God-Realization, The Lover and The Beloved, and The Beginning and End of Creation. There is a bonus illustrated chapter for the “prose challenged” that includes cute comics illustrating the content of the book.

Published 2011