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Upasni Maharaj

A Perfect Master of India

Beheram Jamshed Irani and Sorabji Muncherji Desai

Hardcover 555 pages
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“Conceived by Meher Baba. . . and written under his auspices, this spiritual biography of Upasni Maharaj is a gift to America, to the West, and to the world. As a clear and authentic guide to the unfolding of higher consciousness, the life story of this Perfect Master serves as an invaluable resource for the contemporary Western seeker, for it accurately portrays the many stages of high illumination as well as the forceful transformative processes that accompany them.”

“. . . This book not abstract theory. It is the record of Maharaj's direct experience as he lived it and shared it with his devotees.”

“Upasni Maharaj: A Perfect Master of India provides a full and nuanced portrayal of a divine figure of incomparable force and surpassing sweetness. Revealing his compassion, humility, and divine humanity, it offers a true portrait of this inimitable master Meher Baba called 'Perfection personified'.” (From the inside sleeve)

Published by Sufism Reoriented, 2020