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The Story of Dr. Harry L. Kenmore and His Life with His Beloved Pop, Meher Baba

Compiled, edited, and narrated by Larry and Rita Karrasch

Paperback 716 pages
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From the Back Cover:

Harry Kenmore’s blindness at the age of sixteen changed his life. After meeting Meher Baba in 1956, the path of his life was again altered because now he found God – Meher Baba. His love and devotion led him to serve Baba as his chiropractor after Baba’s second automobile accident on December 2, 1956, in Satara, India.

We learn about Harry’s journey to become Baba’s doctor, entertainer, friend, and intimate mandali throughout the next thirteen years. Through the intimate taped conversations, cables, and letters between Harry, Baba, and the mandali, and also talks by Harry to various Baba groups, we gain insight into Harry’s life as his relationship evolves with his Pop, Meher Baba.

“You don’t know how much I love you, Harry. You have become one of the intimate mandali. So I want you, for the remaining period that is, in between now and My Manifestation, which has not much time now, to just be as the mandali. Like My mandali, remain during this period between now and My Manifestation as mandali. So that when I break My Silence, when I Manifest, the few handful of the mandali can realize Me as I am. You too will realize Me as I am, not the world.”
Meher Baba – November 2, 1968

Published 2017