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Talks By Harry

Talks Given by Dr. Harry L. Kenmore about Meher Baba's Life and His Teachings

by Larry and Rita Karrasch

Paperback 167 pages
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From the Back Cover:

Eruch Jessawala, one of Baba’s intimate mandali, would tell Harry stories about Baba in the early days and they would discuss various spiritual topics that Harry would record on his tape recorder. During Harry’s lifetime he would use the material from these conversations to give his public talks on Meher Baba. Meher Baba encouraged Harry to begin speaking about Him to the Baba group in New York City. . . Then in 1967, Baba gave Harry an order to give two public programs to celebrate Baba’s birthday and silence day each year. At these events Harry would give a talk.

Eruch actually requested Harry in 1970, in Meherazad, to publish his experiences, because Eruch felt Harry had a deep understanding of Baba’s life and work because of his intimacy with the God-Man, both as His doctor and mandali. Meher Baba on different occasions called Harry Kenmore one of His most intimate mandali, His apostle, His dear son and a chip off the Ole Block.

The themes and concepts in each talk were all developed through Harry’s understanding and elaboration that reflected the conversations he had with Baba and the mandali, his intense study of Baba’s principles and precepts in the books he read, spiritual themes discussed by Baba and stories told in mandali hall.

Published 2023