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In Dust I Sing

Francis Brabazon

Paperback 150 pages
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In the Preface to In Dust I Sing, Francis Brabazon describes Meher Baba's love for the great mystical poet Hafiz. The form of these poems are known as ghazals, perfected by Hafiz over 600 years ago. Baba enjoyed the ghazals and also the ghazal singers. . . “But when there was a really good ghazal singer. . . Baba would sit up all night listening, commenting, revealing the hidden treasure in the verses, until the dawn stole the Beloved's rose garland and flung it across the sky as a sign that another day in the Beloved's service was beginning.”

Francis continues, “After sometime I conceived the idea of an English ghazal. I wrote a few and. . .told Baba about them. He had me fetch and read them to him. He seemed pleased and told me to continue writing in this new form and to read them to him in batches of four as they were done. Each reading brought the blessing of his embrace, and every embrace contained the seeds of the next pieces. In the years that followed, Baba had them all re-read to him many times.”

Published 1974. Reprinted for the 60th Anniversary of Baba's visit to Australia in 2018.