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Stealing Hafiz

Rick M. Chapman

Paperback 80 pages
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“Do you want to read the poetry of a Perfect Master—a fully enlightened human being—who ranks very possibly as the finest poet in recorded history? Bravo!! Then learn Persian and become enlightened yourself, then pick up the Divan of Hafiz—that is the only way that you can have any confidence whatsoever in your comprehension of what you read. Good luck in your endeavor!

In the meantime, let this small volume acquaint you with some of the images and ideas found in the writings of Hafiz. STEALING HAFIZ consists of original poetry written by Rick Chapman, a thief and a murderer, for in the poems contained herein he has stolen unabashedly from Hafiz and in the process he has murdered the form of the ghazal. Yet in these “ghazaleros,” he convey some slight sense of the mystical poetry of Hafiz and some feeling for the themes of Hafiz's Ultimate Inspiration, Avatar Meher Baba, Who regarded Hafiz as His favorite poet. How someone Who lived 600 years after Hafiz could be the inspiration for Hafiz, well, that's another story altogether. Life is short, and there are many of them! Read and enjoy—at your own risk!”

(From the back cover)