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Meher Baba’s Breaking of His Silence and Manifestation

A Theory about Living in His Manifestation

By R. William Davies

Paperback 167 pages
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From the Author's Note: “To begin: As the title states, this is a theory. There is really no way for us to truly know or understand all that is Meher Baba's Manifestation. The complexity, the nuances, the totality of everything that has transpired and is transpiring through his manifestation goes beyond human comprehension.

“The basis of the theory presented within this book is Meher Baba's words and a healthy does of intuitive deduction. The evidence presented is circumstantial. The purpose of this book is to inspire readers to test the ideas presented within this book with those ideas of their own. Together, through the thinking and discussion generated, we can develop a better theory.”

Published 2019