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Steve Klein

Steve first heard about Meher Baba when he was in college in the 60s. His roommate told him that someone named Meher Baba, in India, had taken on the heart attacks of a group of people simultaneously and had lived. This intrigued Steve who eventually found out more about Baba, some of which was even true.

Feeling completely helpless to put any of Baba's suggestions into practice, he decided the only solution was to go to India to catch love from those who had it. He went in 1972 and for most of the next three decades went back every year and stayed for as long as he could manage. He didn't manage to catch love himself, but he certainly saw it in action.

He helped Bal Natu with his writing and also helped put out three collections of stories Eruch would tell in the hall. He is currently hosting a radio show on Baba Radio entitled Welcome to My World and lives a fairly secluded life in the woods of New Hampshire where the chances of him doing much damage are slight although his foster children might dispute that.

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